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The day it all began

Before I came to love jump, I heard their songs and I didn't really like it but then slowly, once i started to know jump, love jump and understood their songs. I cannot stop listening to it and also to figure out the tune and play on my violin :3
(i always aimed for their instrumental version too^^)
at first, it was the lyrics that I loved.
then became the tune itself such that even the songs i used to dislike became the songs that i like.
Jump has a way of bringing a positive, childlike and motivating feels in the lyrics that they write. which is why i always listen to their songs
and they also plays songs that brings about waves of nostalgia..
other times its just upbeat and really rapping that it can really brighten a dour mood (:
then when I found out that they were the ones who came up with the lyrics and (the beat?) i started to appreciate them a lot.
when I found out they were the ones who made the concert goods,
i too held respect for them.
Then looking at the way how they fuwaaa around in itajump and care for their members, I started to develop a huge liking for everyone that I couldn't choose a bias. (even if i did end up with bias, i still love all 9)
They've been bullied, they've gone through their hard times,
but in the end they emerged to be the strongest, kindest, most lovable humans <3
Jump are indeed brilliant role models and excellent idols (:
Ah. Kyou nemui.. tsukareta

spent my saturday doing Hwk and Revision..
but what happens, I got side tracked and started watching anime because of the OST
and heck..im multitasking..
what i could have done within 2 hours (for 5 questions), i took more than 6 hours and am still at the last question..

what else... oh~ my tobikko-imoutos tagged me in a thread that yuuya opened his arms wide to a fan holding a yuya uchiwa... boy...and what happens next, the fan jumped into his arms...and he hugged her back T.T gosh..can i say im melting every single moment.. yuuya is quite a gentleman...not many idols do that and he's the very first one! he really cares for his fans... I to want a hug from Jump~ but that will only happen in dreams ne T.T

my love for jump steadily increases! they're truly lovable! if its jump i can give them 100% of my love ^^ <3

Aug. 29th, 2016

School's starting tomorrow and I'm feeling nervous. It dawned on me that I should check the location of my classes for tomorrow and I went into panic when the website was causing some issues. Texted my friend about it asking where I could check and she offered to help me check after her 10am class tomorrow (mine is 12noon btw)

I.am eternally grateful. Gosh. It still upsets me to think I'll be graduating later than them but then watching suikyuu Yankees brought my fighting spirit up. I've been moping and feeling miserable and negative. Having nightmares doesn't help too (btw my parents doesn't know I've retook 2 mods!)

Thanks to yutti kento and the kanjani8 guy who said something like "don't give up. It won't end if you don't give up." And something like "you shape who you want to be, there are always possibilities"

I can't remember the exact words but was somewhere along that line. Apparently yutti and yuuyan were too hot. But it was embarrassing just to see them in trunks. And dripping with water.

And I read yuuyan hugged a fan of his. Idk I felt a little crushed inside like why would he do that. Why single her out only? I think I like yuuyan. I got a little jealous tbh but then I'm trying to think like meh it's his choice on how to react.

Another note, no actress wants to be ryosuke's heroine? Why? I'm curious and shocked! I hope there's no kissing scene. Part of me wish I didn't fall for jump because uhh part of the emotional pain is hard to handle. Seeing daiki did the kissu scene actually caused me to break down in from of the screen unwillingly. And yuuyan too. Haha I don't get it. I'm glad they're here for me but I keep reminding myself they're idols and I can't cross the line. What am I talking xD omg. Well... they really are lovable to the core ♡
And I still wanna support and love them. (Sounds like I'm DoM)

Aug. 28th, 2016

Holidays are almost over! so what i did during these two weeks well watching and rewatching jump, bought arioka daiki's oshare magazine, finished reading HP and the cursed child, did a bit of drawing listened to more jump songs and fangirling over them.

Additionally, my friend also had his 21st celebration and he invited us over. it was fun! the party wasn't anything like other 21st because he connected all of us together which i felt was something new and we all felt really touched i almost cried too^^"

On another note, my uni friend also asked me out for lunch. it was fun considering that i wouldn't see her in my class anymore since I didn't managed to hit my gpa of 2.75 that i have to retake another mod which caused a delay. I almost cried. but watching Jump about persevering and not giving up. i told myself. i should give another shot. its not over yet.
still im scared

Moreover ive been having nightmares. Just last night i couldnt sleep. and so, i watched jump related vids, listened to daiki's voice and also looked at their pictures. i felt much better but i didnt manage to sleep until 7am. and woke up at 12.30pm. was actually late for violin lessons because of that!

well...feeling kinda hungry! gonna go grab some milo!! :D

I Love Hey Say JUMP

薮宏太さん~ eto.. my japanese isn't good, so i can only type in English >< so probably Okamoto Keito san could help with the translation if this hashtag trends!
to Okamoto keito san in case if you did, ありがとう for helping with translating~ :3

eto.. I would like you to know that fans are trying to trend that they love you and they treasure your existence~ I hope that you can understand that you and every members of jump are equally important for without you all there would not be today's JUMP! you all have been together for many years and created bonds and friendship! thus to us fans its like growing up with you! (of course this is for all of Hey!Say!JUMP members too)

I'd like every nine members (in alphabetical order) - arioka daiki, chinen yuri, inoo kei, kota yabu, nakajima yuto, okamoto keito, takaki yuya, yaotome hikaru & yamada ryosuke, to know that we really love everyone in the group! and I do notice each and everyone of you when watching itadaki high jump and your latest jumping carnival concert! everyone is unique and everyone has his own talents, that is what makes you special! and in turn makes jump so special that everyone is important and no one can replace jump! so please don't feel that no one cares about you!! *hugs everyone* gives you all nine ♡♡♡ ♡♡♡ ♡♡♡ :D

minna hontou wa hontoni kawaii, kakkoi to yasashii dakara watashi wa jump no koto ga daisuki desu! I'd like to thank hey say jump because of all of you i always feel motivated! i really love that you are all decent and you put in your 100% effort and heart in the songs that all of you wrote! for that! i can say a very good job well done! do continue and carry on!! i'll always love and support jump!! ♡

Yabu Kota, you're a really good song writer and singer in the group! you're brave and you have the kindest smile and you're caring to your members! You don't give up easily and you perservere! Plus you are also encouraging and you compliment your members! like during the smart interview you mentioned how hikaru thanked you after you told him that the song is nice! i can imagine hikaru saying thank you to you in that shy manner! i enjoy listening to the songs you write because it shows how you are as an individual! i like how your songs are portrayed like literature~ so i hope that you know that at least for me, I just started watching itajump but the recent episodes i watch i noticed you~ like how you crossed the bridge for ryosuke when he did not have a life jacket and was afraid of heights. You yourself did not have a life jacket but for ryosuke you actually crossed it and went back again~ i can tell you were also scared but at that time i was impressed~ another time was that you were worried for Yuri and Keito who went for that "ant hunting" trip! i can tell how much their safety meant to you and for you who knew what was the actual case, as much as you were scared, you really were brave! I really hope to see you in movies and drama! if you do i will watch! :D so please don't think of leaving and please don't think that you are unimportant! For at least to me you're important! :D plus its interesting that your birthday falls exactly at the end of the month!
31Jan! its like you're going to welcome the month of feb! :D
#ILoveYabuKota #大好き薮宏太

Arioka Daiki: you have the brightest smile! when you smile your eyes smile too! i too love the style of the songs you wrote (ie. Reload) because it gets my tension up too! just like Kota, you're caring and kind too! you really love animals a lot :3 I love animals too! that's why when i see you being cute to animals I start to like you too! plus I though it was interesting that as a DJ when you hear songs you will fit everyone's daily lives and make a story from it! I thought that was cool and interesting! i too enjoy watching you on drama such as Kindaichi and scrap teacher! apparently you're also one of the sincere members in the group and you know how much Kei is afraid of roller coasters that you offered to ride with him! i thought that was sweet! i feel that kei is like your best friend because you both spend a lot of time together! even though for the holiday you came to Singapore because of some changes and Kei was the one who agreed to go with you (not sure if this is correct) but i can tell you that my friend and I were so happy the both of you came over and enjoyed your stay! that time i wished that i could meet you both! and i hope you love marina bay sands and enjoyed the swimming pool there! its very high right! and also the Universal Studio Singapore! i hope that you will come back again!! so Daiki I too want you to know that I do notice you! so you are equally important! i agree when you said that staff should show more of jump's yasashii and serious side! haha for that is why i like jump! :D I hope you enjoyed your birthday with JUMP and I was happy that you wrote a message to us fans to thank us for wishing you! i'd like to say you're welcome! and yuya sent you caseclosed as in detective conan? :D haha that's my favourite anime! its cool that on your birthday 15 april, meitantei konan movie gets released! I tried your arioka signal too!! haha i know during jumping carnival in viva 9's soul Kota was helping you to trend! he did that signal!! XD
#ILoveAriokaDaiki #大好き有岡大貴 

Inoo Kei: in the group, i notice your laugh a lot! you're the sensitive member! you are sensitive to people's feelings! like how after the roller coaster ride you hugged ryosuke along with yuto! i thought that was nice!! you love cats! and you hate roller coasters! i heard that you could play the piano!! i was awed! because I only started fan-girling over HeySayJump so i could have missed it >< i too was happy to hear you and daiki came over for holiday in singapore! like what i've wrote to daiki earlier, my friend and I were happy that you both enjoyed your stay! and you went to marina bay sands and swam with daiki! its very high right! but if you went to universal studio, what were the rides you played because you hate roller coasters! or were the roller-coasters less scary for you here? :D I too hoe you will come back again!! and inoo! i just want you to know i notice you as well in the group! so you are equally important! are you excited? next month is your birthday!!
#ILoveInooKei #大好き伊野尾慧

Chinen Yuri: you are ranked as the most matured even though you are the youngest in the group! I was really happy because we have the same horoscope! Sagittarius!its such a coincidence but our birthdates are different! just like kota your birthday falls at the end of the month! except yours is on 30 November! likewise you're welcoming the month of december!! :D you're a really good acrobat! in ZEUS! you did the tightrope walk! you really are not afraid of heights! or rather you have a lot of confidence! also during the rolling pin your jump was sugoi!!! that backflip took my breath away! ^^ you can sing high notes! just like kota too!! and i thought that was impressive! :D in the group you are also the kindest! you are also aware of your members feelings! like how keito wanted a location shoot and you requested for keito to ask the staff! i too enjoy watching you in dramas!
#ILoveChinenYuri #大好き知念侑李

Okamoto keito: you have a cool style and can really speak good English! I am really impressed! when you spoke in English, I thought "it will be much easier to communicate with Keito" I am still trying to learn Japanese, it is a beautiful language but its a challenge for me^^ you play the guitar really well! and I heard that you create the music to blend your guitar into the songs! i love the song 314 tokei because of your clear guitar playing and also how your voice blended nicely!! i watched you in itajump too! but i am trying to find the time to watch the dramas you acted in! i too want you to know that I notice you as well and yes i do enjoy watching you!! when i learnt your birthday is on 1st april, it made me laugh when you said "april first is april fools but your existence is not a lie" :3 that's true!! :D oh and in ZEUS, i enjoyed seeing you kick the soccer ball! like tegoshi and nakamaru you play the soccer well and also i like how you take a lot of thought trying to find the perfect gift for the members!
#ILoveOkamotoKeito #大好き岡本圭人

Hikaru Yaotome: i enjoy watching you in ikemen desu ne, itajump and jumping carnival(the skit where you called arioka tapioka it was funny i felt that all the HeySayBEST members did a good job with the acting!) in itajump i can say there was one part where you, yuri and yuya was trying to get a boy to overcome his fear of his dog which so touching that i actually teared! you really did your best! good job! i can tell that you were really sincere and i was happy for you, yuri and yuya that the boy got over his fear of his dog! also! the song (come back) i too love the song because of that "chanchanchancharan" part and the style of it! youku ganbatta!! i'm happy that you didn't gave up on that song after 4 years! i'm really impressed! and its interesting you paint your music like drawing and also you strum the bass really well! plus that is the first time i found out you dislike cats! in itajump you really endured the pain of the pegs being pulled from your face! i felt the pain!! i also though its cool that you have common taste in music and songs with daiki!! :D i just found out you have the same horoscope as yuri and I do!! yay!! Sagittarius!! we both have the same birthday month!! though yours is on 2nd December!
#ILoveYaotomeHikaru #大好き八乙女光

Takaki Yuya: yes! your namae wa gi jyanai ki nan desu! the first time i watched you was on gokusen 3!! i love that drama! i rewatched it twice! i like how you can be a tsundere but then you are actually fun-loving and playful too!! in kirakirahikare! i enjoyed watching you in the PV where you had sang your solo part and was driving the car!!! i love kirakirahikare because each of the members have their short solo part and i can hear different voices coming together! and everyone was having so much fun! same goes for kimi attraction!! well! i also enjoy watching you in sayonara sensation PV because of your smile too! do smile more!! :D and you were a good support for hikaru and chinen for the itajump episode where the three of you were helping the boy to get over his fear of his dogs!! and i thought its cool that daiki and you share the same taste in songs and in music!! :D oh and your resolution last year for this year was to be a reaction king!! i really noticed a lot of reaction from you! which i though it was pretty interesting! arigatou ne! and also! on 26 march many of us fans wished you a happy birthday too! :D
#ILoveTakakiYuya #大好き高木雄也

Yamada Ryosuke: the first time i love jump was because i watched one pound gospel which your senpai kamenashi kazuya acted in! he acted in a lot of dramas which i love to watch! and that was when i noticed you and after watching kindaichi and scrap teacher, i started to notice yuri and daiki! i found out that all of you are from jump and i started to watch videos related to heysayjump and currently itadaki High Jump! its cool that you can play the saxophone and how you persevered in writing the songs especially candle! you can forsee a lot of things and plan ahead which is good! in itadaki high jump, there was this episode that you tried to get a girl to open up to her mother about her true feelings of wanting to have a father! that episode got me in tears! i can tell that yuri, daiki, kota, hikaru also felt touched! while yuya, keito, yuto and kei looked solemn and thoughtful! i know they must have felt it too! you make a good onii-chan! and you were really sincere! its good that people could feel safe around you! its brave of you to ride the Ferris Wheel even though you're afraid of heights and also do a lot of heights related activities like tightrope, rock climbing, crossing the high bridge, rollercoster and in concert!! youku ganbatta! your birthday is coming soon!
#ILoveYamadaRyosuke #大好き山田涼介

Nakajima Yuto: you're a good drum player and actor too! in jumping carnival i am amazed with your solo drum playing! and also for the song beat line!! in drama, i noticed you in scrap teacher and risou no musuko! you can act really well! in zeus you also jump the highest! for itadaki high jump, i only watched the episode which you rode the roller coaster! you too give a lot of good encouragement to your members/friends!! i really hope to see more of you too!!
did you know! your birthday(10 August) falls exactly one day after our singapore national day (9 August) !!!
#ILoveNakajimaYuto #大好き中島裕翔

World of Fandom. World of JE.

I just realized that i post more of my fandom stuffs on twitter and fb rather than on LJ because its so easy to RT and share their videos. but something new is that i recently started following (joining) some of the communities and I had a great time watching their shows. the first fandom i joined is 10_Jump because of HSJ! and ItaJump! currently i requested to join for kameworld and Kis_My_Ft2.

well... i know matsujun but then I started fangirling over kame and kattun first because of GOKUSEN (:
then after that i watched most of kame's other dramas like YamatoNadeshiko, nobutawoproduce, secondLove, youkaiNingnenBem, OreOre, JokerGame, KamiNoShizuku, KindaichiShonenNoJikenbo KaitouTanteiYamaneko, onepoundgospel (where I noticed Ryosuke and fangirl over HSJ!)

It also went way back to when i was in sec sch, my unni introduced them to me, she even recommended me nice dramas to watch, back then i havent started. But 2 years ago, i finally decided to watch them! and ow i started to like the members one by one. After watching shows about them (especially variety shows) i like them more!

Why I like kame: because he is kakkoi kawaii and he can be really shy but confident! he's a good actor and i want to know more about him! of course! the rest of the kattun members too! i like taguchi! i cried on the day when i heard that he is going to leave the group. because i was also starting to fangirl over taguchi too ): he is the most optimistic and positive guy that makes you laugh and he is a really good dancer!! I like how kattun always tease each other!

Why I like HSJ: well! thats because after watching hidarimetantei and one pound gospel, i noticed ryosuke! that's when i realized i ever heard his song "Over" before! I then watched Kindaichi where daiki was inside, scrap teacher where ryo, dai, chii and yuto were inside! there were afew other drama which i watched and want to watch, because i havent saw keito yabu inoo, I then also fangirl over yuya because he is from gokusen 3 and i used to notice him too
i watched risou no musuko because of ryosuke too, found out yuto acted in the show, and taisuke caught my eye!!

Why I like Kis-My-Ft2: after watching risou no musuko i got interested in taisuke! searched about him, found out his from KMFT2, realized that i ever listened to their songs like SheHerHer (because kattun sang it in countdown and i went to hear the original) my resistance, plus i randomly came across the song "gravity" on fb that i love the song!
i was introduced"Ikemen desu ne" and i realized that tamamori who acted in the show acted in GOKUSEN MOVIE i was so shocked and surprised!! he was so cute and cool last time! i noticed him a lot:3

currently i like 3 groups! I like kame and taguchi! I like Taisuke. Though I cant really find a bias in HSJ because i love all of them! daiki is close to becoming my bias but then i also like yabu, yuya, chinen, ryosuke >< haha oh no>< but i love to see a show where all HSJ acted in (:

ANSATSU CLASSROOM 2 was SO GOOD I CRIED the ending was too much! for ryosuke who had acrophobia i thought he did a great job!! and nino!!!!! <3 arashi!!!!! I really dont mind watching a second time!! its really worth it! they even gave us free DVD and poster!!
i kyaa when ryosuke came on screen!!

Apr. 16th, 2016

Dear diary,
I really love playing the violin when I'm stressed. I've learnt
fumetsu no scrum
Love yourself
tell me why
kira kira hikare
314 tokei

And currently learning
Sugiru setsuna (keep forgetting and playing wrong notes)
Korosensation (very fast)
Sayonara sensation (trying to catch the tune)
Tada mae e (oh god this song is not easy)
Beautiful rain (the last part killed me xD)

I'd want to learn how to play
Ride with me
Super delicate
Dead or alive

But even though for the topmost part that I can play. I still need to work on tone and expression.

It's not easy. I get easily irritated when I play out of tune and I have to walk out of my room figuring a way how to feel the music. Yeah that's it feeling the music. I feel emotions when ryosuke sings 314 tokei but to also play the same way it's a little difficult. But not impossible. Just need to keep practicing! The right way. But well idk what's the right way yet xD
1. Put your ipod or itunes on shuffle.
2. Answer these questions with each song that pops up next, no matter what!
3. No lying! Be honest!
4. Stick with the next song that plays, no matter what it is.
5. This can turn out to be pretty accurate and/or funny,
I hope it will be fun!

1. How does the world see you? Truth - Arashi
2. What do you parents think of you? Back To You - Beast
3. What do you feel like right now? Chance to Change - Hey Say Jump
4. What should you do tomorrow? スノウソング (Snow Song) - Hey Say Jump
5. What will the upcoming week be like for you? Mystery Virgin - Yamada Ryosuke
6. Will you have a happy life? Dead or Alive - Kat Tun
7. How will you die? Hitomi No Screen - Hey Say Jump
8. Will you ever find the boy/girl of your dreams? Yes! - Hey Say Jump
9. What should you do with your life? Back To You - Beast
10. What will summer '14 be like for you? Shampoo - After School
11. Your opinion on yourself now: Ride With Me - Hey Say Jump
12. The way your best friends see you: Ai No Katamari - Yamada Ryosuke
13. One thing the world doesn't really need? Taiyo ni Love Motion - Hey Say Jump
14. What does your life mean? Magic Power - Hey Say Jump
15. Your opinion on yourself in the future: Suru (Through) - Hey Say Jump
16. What will next year be like for you? Key of Life - Nakamaru Yuichi
17. What should you be doing right now? Wonderland Train - Hey Say Jump
18. What does the boy you like think of you? Only One - Boa
19. Will your dream wish(es) ever come true? Oh! Aidoru (Oh! Idol) - Hey Say Jump
20. What are you really like? Anata ni Aitakute - Azu Feat Spontania

From other places

1. How do you feel today? Just For You - Hey Say Jump
2. If someone says “You’re Hot” you say? I Hope (Barae)- FT Island
3. How would you describe your life? Over - Hey Say Jump
4. What is your life long goal? Bounce - Hey Say Jump
5. What do your friends think of you? Disturbance - Boa
6. What do your parents think of you? Forever - Hey Say Jump
7. What do you often think about? Ride With Me - Hey Say Jump
8. What do you think of the person who likes you? Smile Song - Chinen Yuri
9. What does your best friend always say to you? Bokutachi No Seishun - Hey Say Jump
10. What do you want to be when you grow up? It's You - Super Junior
11. What is your favourite saying? Fumetsu No Scrum - Kat Tun
12. What will you dance at your wedding? Moonlight - Yamada Ryosuke
13. What will be played at your funeral? Asia No Yoru - Yamada Ryosuke
14. What is your biggest fear? I Wish For You - Exile
15. What do you think of your house? Real Face - Kat Tun
16. What do you wish you were doing now? WEEKENDER - Hey Say Jump
17. What was the last thing you said? BOUNCE – Hey! Say! JUMP
18. What are you thinking about? Suits Days - Hey Say BEST
19. What are you wishing for? Ultra Music Power - Hey Say Jump
20. Describe your looks? Fiction - Beast
21. Describe your personality? Hajimari no melody - Hey Say Jump
22. Describe yourself as the whole package? Boku wa Vampire - Hey Say Jump
23. If someone compliments you, you say? Tsunagu Te to Te - Hey Say Jump
24. What do you think of this quiz? Memories – Hey! Say! Jump

And some more

1. Your Childs Birth Song? Shinku - Yamada Ryosuke
2. Your marriage Song? Ganbaretsugo - Hey Say 7
3. Your breakdown song? Haru Haru - Big Bang
4. Your Death song? One Love - Super Junior
5. Your Funeral Song? Dreams Come True - Hey Say Jump
6. Your happy song? Time - Takaki Yuya
7. Your sad song? Rainy Days(oneway) - Junsu 2PM
8. Your Suicide song? Beat Line - Hey Say Jump
9. Your divorce song? I Like You Best- Beast
10. Your graduation Song? Over - Hey Say Jump
11. Your Sex Song? Super Delicate - Hey Say Jump